Fundraising Coordination
We have partnered with an exciting company that makes fundraising easy for you. If you are running a little short of cash, we offer the opportunity to start your fundraiser with no funds at all. Take the plunge and get needed funds for your organization.
Email Marketing & Newsletter Development
Does the weight of everything fall on you? Do you need to get the word out and keep your group informed? We are definitely here to help. We offer consultative services for your small business and/or to post advertisements informing your community of your services and/or products.
Website Hosting and Design
Websites are great connectors for organizations that have a need to disseminate information to many. It is extremely cost-effective and serves as a guide post for those seeking your services and/or products. If your organization does not have a website, how will customers know that you exist? We offer affordable plans to get your group on the Internet map. Take your business/organization to the next level by embracing technology.
Social Media Integration
Without a doubt Social Media is the "In Thing". From Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn - your business needs to be listed. We are a society that demands instant gratification and we want things to be resolved now. We specialize in maintaining fresh content and assist in problem resolution. We will help you get the buzz going and keep the buzz going. Word of mouth and social media deliver a larger impact than traditional print services. .

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Netsquared Arkansas
Providing low cost solutions to 501c3 organizations for current technological offerings.  Consultative and implementation services available.  Join us for our monthly meet-ups for information and networking.
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